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Schools are very conscious of the importance of good effective communications skills, building children’s self-esteem, social etiquette and relations with all groups peer and non-peer. Recently there has been a huge surge in schools availing of Dorans Academy services. Seeing the vital role that Drama and Speech&Drama play in empowering and enabling our young people to be confident, resilient, connected, communicative and above all comfortable in their own skin and self-belief.

To that end a range of workshops and programs are available which schools can book. Dorans Academy will come to the school and deliver a program with key elements pre agreed with the school. After discussion with the school liaison, I will define a program that is fun, engaging, educational and highly interactive and that will have an effective and lasting impact on the participants.

Shared education is a great opportunity to employ drama to break down barriers across any and all platforms including for eg academically, physically, socially, religiously, and politically and build lasting relationships and memories. Topical programs on key areas being focused on in the classroom can be explored through drama and brought to life through performance.

Special occasions can be celebrated and cemented in the memory of a play or workshop centred around the celebration. Dorans Academy can adjudicate and facilitate in-school poetry festivals and are a superb event and learning experience for all participants and spectators bring families into the school to be entertained and support the players.

The possibilities are endless.

*Payments are made through the education portal making the paperwork easy and hassle free

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