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About me!

Hi there, I'm Michelle. I have been involved in both drama and Speech and drama from a very young age. As an anxious child myself I found it a life line in dealing with emotions, building friendships and a release and escape from everyday life. 


I have performed on many a stage, festival and feis both competitively and purely for pleasure. I worked with the education board delivering drama workshops to youth groups and set up my own teaching practice in 2008. In 2019 I built my own self contained drama studio which is fabulous for both classes and rehearsals having our microphones, sound system, set and props all to hand for every practice is a real bonus for the children as they watch themselves perform in the mirrored studio. 

Even the most outwardly confident of children can suddenly lose belief in themselves. When that happens speech and drama skills are there waiting to step in and help them. 

I am Dorans Academy of Speech and Drama; when your child comes to a class it is me they will see and be welcomed by. I will help them from the moment they reach my door to relax, feel welcome and recognise their individuality and know they are as important as every other individual in that room irrespective of experience, accomplishments or confidence. 


I am very passionate about the all-encompassing positive impact that speech and drama can have on a person’s life and life experience. When children attend from a young age they learn from the outset that their opinions are valid, that no matter what everything is ok, that they are not on their own, that they can shine as bright as any star in the sky; that they can achieve anything they set their mind to; the key is to simply believe in themselves, take one step at a time and I come with them on that journey helping them when they lose faith and  teach them to know ‘IT’S OK’. 


Skills gained through both classes on offer are invaluable to a child no matter what career path they may choose whether it be an actor, accountant, footballer, shop keeper stay at home parent, charity worker; the person behind the career is strong, confident, articulate, communicative and ready to cope with whatever challenges life brings. 


I provide a homely, relaxed environment in which children can thrive. My drama studio is inviting and accessible set in a field surrounded by trees.  From the minute your child steps out of the car they will be enveloped by green grass and rustling leaves! 


I welcome children of all ages and abilities; speech and drama is for everyone should your child be chronically shy or extrovert beyond words, super chatty or non-verbal, autistic, dyslexic - no matter their ability I have a place for them.

The classes are a fantastic platform for children to shine, to develop their talents and raise the bar again and again for themselves. 

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