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Adult sessions are becoming increasingly popular and a vital resource for many people. In business and work environments across all fields, competent communication and presentation skills are vital and are highly sought by all employers. Many adults find themselves thrown into new challenges and work demands with little or no support but high expectations.

This is where Dorans Academy can guide, coach and provide the necessary training to be able to cope and prepare for such situations. Within just one or two sessions, which are tailored to each clients specific requirements, clients feel empowered and armed to engage in and execute confidently.

Additionally many adults have personal reasons for wanting to boost their confidence and feel more comfortable in social situations. Finding and or strengthening your voice is something that can be undertaken and achieved at any age and Dorans Academy is ready to help all individuals Articulate Confidence whatever their motivation. Using poetry, prose, books drama excerpts mindfulness and a range of breathing exercise and so much more clients are able to cherry pick what they would like to focus on and grow their skills with the support and enthusiasm and understanding of a very experience empathetic guide

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