What classes are on offer and when?

The drama classes are on Monday nights and are broken into three age groups as follows

Ragamuffins: 3yrs to Primary 3 -> 5.00 to 6.00pm

-> 6.00 to 7.00pm

Scallywags: Primary 4 - Primary 7 -> 7.00 to 8.00pm

Thespians: Year 8 up -> 8.00 to 9.00pm

How long do classes last?

All drama classes last one hour

How much are classes?

Classes are £6 and £9* *Current covid restrictions on class sizes

What do the classes involve?

The children will be trained in of voice projection, vocal and facial expression exercises, and relaxation and self-belief exercises. I work on communication skills encouraging children to work as a team. Games and activities are designed to develop movement in characterisation. There are lots of songs and simple dance routines developing coordination, freedom of movement and learning to link music to mood and style of performances.

The children learn the basics of improvisation in the Ragamuffins class and build on these in through the Scallywags and into the Thespians group using their imaginations and creativity more and more as they grow.

The Thespians group is for Year 8 Children (11yrs) into their late teens. One of the primary focuses is to further build and enjoy relaxation and mindfulness skills which they have begun developing in younger groups and grow their armoury of tools with which to develop strategies to deal with stress and anxiety. The weekly classes are great fun, full of crippling laughter and craic!

The performance element for the Thespians, takes the art of drama to the next level as they write their own scripts for performance. The Thespians devise the plot, develop the characters, themes and entire script from start to finish. Together they prescribe the set, sound track and costumes for their production and in so doing gain invaluable experience and sense of ownership. The accomplishments and achievements gained filtering into and enhancing their learning experience across their life education.

How many are in a class?

Class sizes are kept small ensuring that children have a quality experience so group classes are all restricted to 8-10 places.

What performance opportunities are there?

Dramarama performs twice per year with public performances at Christmas in our Annual Charity Show and again in June in our Summer production.

The shows take place in The Lodge, entertainment centre in Castlewellan and form a very exciting part of the Dorans Academy calendar.

Having prepared their show and the ‘hard work’ all done, the children are encouraged to have fun on stage, not to worry about mistakes as that is how we grow and learn.

For our Charity Christmas Show, Dorans Academy aim to choose a different charity each year but strive for a child focused one as the money is being raised by children so ideally for children.

Some charities we have raised funds for over the years have been Daisy Lodge, Children's Heartbeat, Young Carers NI, Starlight, HomeStart, Mourne mountain rescue, Cancer fund for children, Childline NI to name a few.

It is an important part of our vision that we see the need in others and work together to effect change and in so doing help children to recognise their own individual value, importance and ability to touch lives in the wider community.

Drama groups are one of the main performance outlets Dorans Academy provides.  The groups are full of activity, creativity and every child is encouraged to make their voice heard as they build skills of the stage through a variety of skills training exercises and games.  The class strongly complements the speech and drama classes.