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The main thing is that both classes; drama groups and speech and drama classes are fun. Both offer fantastic opportunities and children will learn skills they will keep with them for life. Building confidence and self-esteem is of paramount importance as well as providing an outlet for children to explore and develop their full potential. The classes strongly complement each other so many child do both in tandem to thoroughly utilise and practice the skills that they are developing. 

We are for all children. 


Is your child shy, nervous, anxious, lack interest in reading? – I can help! 

I can help your child find their inner hero, see that they can overcome all the challenges that they face, that all of us face challenges and grow stronger because of them; self belief is the key. 


I can help your child relieve their anxiety, to calm themselves in times of crisis, to relax in times of stress 


I can help your child to grow a love of books and reading to bring characters and stories to life to relate and understand the written word. To jump into a book and become part of the story. 


Is your child confident, outspoken, energetic, like the spotlight? – I can help! 

I provide a space to help your child reach their potential in a safe, non-pressurised, non-judgmental environment. 

I provide a platform for your child to perform, compete, gain qualifications should they wish to. 

I can help your child to shine and experience the thrill of the stage and performance. 

Also on offer are private one to one or family sessions.

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